Friday, February 18, 2011

Frances-Marie Uitti

8:00 PM; $5 - $15 sliding scale suggested donation at the door (cash/checks only). Presented by Nonsequitur.

The remarkable cellist, composer and improviser Frances-Marie Uitti performs works by Salvatore Sciarrino, Jonathan Harvey, Huang Ruo, Lisa Bielawa, Annie Gosfield, György Kurtág, and her own Rap't.

Frances-Marie Uitti has pioneered a revolutionary dimension to the cello by transforming it for the first time into a polyphonic instrument capable of sustained chordal (two, three, and four-part) and intricate multi-voiced writing. Using two bows in one hand, this invention permits contemporaneous cross accents, multiple timbres, contrasting 4-voiced dynamics, simultaneous legato/articulated playing, that her previous work with a curved bow couldn't attain. György Kurtág, Luigi Nono, Giacinto Scelsi, Louis Andriessen, Jonathan Harvey, and Richard Barrett are among those who have used this technique in their compositions dedicated to her. She has also worked closely with John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Elliott Carter, Brian Ferneyhough and countless composers from the new generation. As an improviser, she plays in duos and trios with Mark Dresser, Evan Parker, Joel Ryan, Elliott Sharp, Paul Griffiths, Wilbert de Joode, Mischa Mengelberg and others, and also collaborates with various filmmakers, DJs, and video artists.

Based in Amdsterdam, Ms. Uitti performs regularly in festivals around the world, and has recorded for labels such as ECM, Wergo, CRI, BVHaast, Mode, and HatHut, and Cryptogramophone. She has written for the Cambridge Companion to the Cello, Contemporary Music Review, Musik Texte, and Tempo magazine, and given lectures and master classes at practically all of the major European conservatories and universities in the USA.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

26th annual Seattle Improvised Music Festival

February 9, 10, 11, 12; all shows 8:00 PM, $5 - $15 sliding scale suggested donation at the door (cash/checks only). Presented by Seattle Improvised Music and Nonsequitur.

The longest running festival of its kind in North America, the annual Seattle Improvised Music Festival is your opportunity to witness innovative experimental improvisation in music and sound by a host of international artists representing a sampling of the world’s major players/scenes/movements. This year’s line up includes: Jeffrey Allport percussion (Vancouver), Gill Arno radios (NYC), Gust Burns piano, inside piano (Seattle), Lou Cohen laptop/Csound (Boston), James Coleman theremin (Boston), Mark Collins bass (Seattle), Paul Hoskin contrabass clarinet (Seattle), Andrew Lafkas bass (NYC), Radu Malfatti trombone (Vienna), Mara Sedlins viola (Seattle), Wilson Shook alto saxophone (Seattle), Tyler Wilcox soprano saxophone (Seattle), John Teske bass (Seattle)

Wednesday, February 9
Andrew Lafkas solo
James Coleman solo
Gill Arno, Mara Sedlins, Wilson Shook trio
Gust Burns, Jeffrey Allport, Tyler Wilcox trio

Thursday, February 10
Andrew Lafkas, Jeffrey Allport duo
Lou Cohen, Paul Hoskin duo
Radu Malfatti, Tyler Wilcox, Gust Burns, Andrew Lafkas quartet

Friday, February 11
Radu Malfatti, James Coleman, Mark Collins trio
Lou Cohen solo
Gill Arno, James Coleman, Lou Cohen, Jeffrey Allport, Andrew Lafkas, Gust Burns sextet

Saturday, February 12
Andrew Lafkas, Gill Arno duo
Andrew Lafkas, Radu Malfatti, Gill Arno, Lou Cohen, James Coleman, Jeffrey Allport, Tyler Wilcox, Wilson Shook, Mara Sedlins, Gust Burns, John Teske eleven
Radu Malfatti solo