Thursday, February 01, 1990

Nonsequitur Discography

Nonsequitur released the following items between 1989 and 1998. Many are out of print, and we have no copies for sale, though some titles are still available from Pogus. It is also worth doing a web search, as some distributors and may still have a few copies in stock.

Soundviews: Sources (WN001, cassette only)
A survey of extra-musical sound work, ca. late 1980s, from a series of radio programs produced by Jeffrey Bartone. Brief excerpts of sound sculpture, environmental sound, installations, new instruments, text, interviews, etc.

Annea Lockwood interview + A Sound Map of the Hudson River
Bill & Mary Buchen Harmonic Compass
Stephan Von Huene Totem Tone #2
Karen McPherson A Pond at Dusk
Rolf Julius Music in the Air
Hildegard Westerkamp interview + A Walk Through the City
Andrej Zdravic Cicadas Head Dance
Bill Fontana Landscape Sculpture with Foghorns
Richard Lerman interview + Brass Screen & Bronze Screen
Brigitta Bertoia interview
Harry Bertoia Energizing
Jim Pomeroy Mozart's Moog
Doug Hollis interview + Sound Garden
Dr. Frederick Scarf Voyager II: Uranus Fly-by
David Behrman & George Lewis "Installation for Parc de La Villette"
Snapshot Radio Evening Sounds in Albion, Michigan
Gordon Monohan Speaker Swinging
Charlamagne Palestine Carillon Concert
Bernard Baschet, Michel Deneuve & Alain Dumont Extrait d'Resurgence
Paul Panhuysen & Johan Goedhart Jan Huygen I
Liz Phillips interview + Windspun for Minneapolis
Leif Brush Teleconstructs III
Ron Konzak interview + Giant Puget Sound Windharp
Bart Hopkins Disorderly Tumbling Forth
Susan Stone House With a View
Jeffrey Bartone Sky Concert
Ellen Fullman Immigration
Pauline Oliveros, Linda Montano, Tom Jaremba & kids No More Fear
Carl Stone Kuk Il Kwan
John Cage interview
Robert Rutman Something to Reflect the Misery of Our World Today
Ellen Zweig She Traveled the Landscape
Peter Richards Wave Organ
Paul DeMarinis & David Behrman Sound Fountain
Alvin Curran Maritime Rites
Tony Schwartz Factory Whistle Carols

The Aerial: a journal in sound #1 (AER1990/1, CD/cassette) David Moss Language Linkage, Terry Setter Aphorism III - Like a Coat or a Mask, Christine Backzewska Day of the Dead, Richard Kostelanetz Invocations: Murdoch & the Sufi, Rich Jensen Folly, Loren Mazzacane & Suzanne Langille Haunted House, Lost Souls (Steve Peters) Idumea, Malcolm Goldstein qerneraq - our breath as bones, Floating Concrete Octopus (Mikel And & Liz Was) Burial Song, Jerry Hunt Babalon(string), Stuart Sherman Doors/Water/Click/Pinball, Bern Porter The Last Acts of St. Fuckyou

The Aerial: a journal in sound #2 (AER1990/2, CD/cassette) Bob Davis & Jon Raskin Poison Hotel, David Dunn Chaos & the Emergent Mind of the Pond, Jin Hi Kim Komungo Permutations, Jeff Greinke Road to Solo, Christopher Shultis motion/less, Chris Cochrane Santiago Peñando Estas, Sue Ann Harkey In This the Year of the Snake, Annea Lockwood Nautilus, Trans (LaDonna Smith & Davey Williams) Green Song, Hildegard Westerkamp Cricket Voice

The Aerial: a journal in sound #3 (AER1991/3, CD/cassette) Ellen Fullman Staggered Stasis, Marc Barreca Messier Crosses the Blue Line, Nicolas Collins Tobabo Fonio, Peter Cusack Dandelion Clock, Tom Guralnick Over Time, Johanna Beyer/Essential Music IV for Percussion, Zae Munn Interface, Myra Melford & Marion Brandis Three Interludes, William Hooker The Dream: Red, Lesli Dalaba Core Sample (Sylvan); In stock at Pogus.

The Aerial: a journal in sound #4 (AER1991/4, CD/cassette) Brenda Hutchinson EEEYAH!, Peter Van Riper Heart, Erik Belgum Dick Tracy All Over His Body, Elodie Lauten Music for Trine, Part IV, Elise Kermani Spiral, Anna Homler & Steve Moshier Sirens, Joseph Weber Transformation of the Brothers Into the Sun & Moon, Patsy Rahn Trojan Horse, N. Sean William Come Window Golds Coming. In stock at Pogus.

The Aerial: a journal in sound #5 (AER1992/5, CD/cassette) Willem DeRidder & Hafler Trio Report, Helen Thorington In the Dark, Gustavo Matamoros Portrait: Bob Gregory, Sarah Peebles excerpts from Kai: Revolving Life, Sydney Davis Star Axis, Philip Corner Gong/Ear, Richard Klein & Mark Hosler Wildman, The Machine for Making Sense Changing the Subject, Derek Bailey In My Studio. In stock at Pogus.

The Aerial: a journal in sound #6 (AER1994/6, CD/cassette) Carter Scholz Talus, Hal Rammel Afterthought (sonance in limbo), Ricardo Dal Farra Xastock, Larry Polansky Study: Anna, the Long & Short of It, John Duesenberry Wave Break, Robert Carl Levitation, Mary Jane Leach Xantippe's Rebuke, Steven Dressler Woonsocket, Yat-Kha Tundra's Ghosts/Wanderer's Charm, Frances White Walk Through Resonant Landscape #2, Ellen Band Railroad Gamelan. In stock at Pogus.

Exquisite Corpses from PS 122 (WN002, CD/cassette) Large group improvisations using the multitrack studio as organizing principle. Linda Austin, Nancy Campbell, George Cartwright, Chris Cochrane, Cinnie Cole, Anthony Coleman, Judy Dunaway, Evan Gallagher, Sue Garner, Sue Ann Harkey, Doug Henderson, Paul Hoskin, Catherine Jauniaux, Bruce Kaplan, Bob Lipman, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Bruno Meillier, Ikue Mori, Matthew Ostrowski, Zeena Parkins, Steve Peters, Ruth Peyser, Leslie Ross, Mike Sappol, David Sardy, Doug Seidel, Raissa St. Pierre, Will Sternberg, David Watson, Guy Yarden. In stock at Pogus.

Deep Listening Band Troglodyte's Delight (WN003, CD/cassette) Improvisations in a large limestone cave in upstate New York. Stuart Dempster (trombone, didjeridu, tin cans), Pauline Oliveros (accordion, voice, whistle), Panaiotis (voice), with Julie Lyon Balliett (voice, invisible dancing) and Fritz Hauser (percussion).

Loren Mazzacane & Suzanne Langille Come Night (WN004, CD/cassette) Intense free blues improvisations and hushed, moonlit ballads. With Brian Johnson, percussion and George Cartwright, tenor sax.

Malcolm Goldstein Sounding the New Violin (WN005, CD/cassette) Compositions for solo violin by John Cage, Ornette Coleman, Philip Corner, Malcolm Goldstein, Pauline Oliveros, James Tenney.

Cassette Mythos: Audio Alchemy (WN006, CD/cassette) A dip into the international cassette network ca. 1990, curated by Ean White and based on the book by Robin James. Bat Lenny, Ric Braden, Collapse/Relapse, Costes, Qubais Ghazala, Hope Organ, Daniel Johnston, Kitchen Table Ensemble, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Minóy, John Oswald (Mystery Laboratory), Heather Perkins, Philip Perkins, Solomonoff & von Hoffmanstahl, Jim Steele, tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE, Triptic of a Pastel Fern, Vosch, Gregory Whitehead, John Wiggins, YXIMALLOO. In stock at Pogus.

Alison Knowles Frijoles Canyon (WN007, CD/cassette) Spoken text and field recordings by this important Fluxus artist in the style of her sound works for German radio.

Peter Garland Border Music (WN008, CD/cassette) Lyrical post-minimalist compositions inspired by Native American and Mexican folk music: Cantares de la Frontera (harp), Three Strange Angels (piano, percussion), Three Songs of Mad Coyote (percussion), Obstacles of Sleep (percussion), Apple Blossom (marimbas), Old Men of the Fiesta (harp, violin, percussion).

David Dunn Angels & Insects (WN009, CD/cassette) Field recordings of aquatic insect sounds, and a text-based computer work based on the mystical work of Elizabethan alchemist John Dee.

Annea Lockwood Thousand Year Dreaming (WN0010, CD) Gorgeous long work based on the Lascaux cave drawings, combining ancient and modern. With Art Baron, Jon Gibson, JD Parran, Michael Pugliese, Scott Robinson, John Snyder, Libby Van Cleve, Charles Wood, Peter Zummo. Soon to be re-issued with an extra track by Pogus.

Ikue Mori & Tenko Death Praxis (WN0011, CD) Improvisational songs for electronic percussion and extended vocals. Reissued with extra tracks as Mystery on the Tzadik label's New Japan series.

Jin Hi Kim Komunguitar (WN0012, CD) Improvisations for acoustic and electric komungo (Korean zither) with guitarists Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne, David First, Henry Kaiser, Hans Reichel, Elliott Sharp.

Radius: transmissions from broadcast artists #1 (WN0013, CD)
Radio art from the New American Radio series, curated by Helen Thorington. Works by Terry Allen, Sheila Davies, and Helen Thorington. In stock at Pogus.


Radius: transmissions from broadcast artists #2 (WN0014, CD)
Radio art from the New American Radio series, curated by Helen Thorington. Works by Jacki Apple, Donald Swearingen, and Gregory Whitehead. In stock at Pogus.

Jerry Hunt Haramand Plane (WN0015, CD) Three “translation links” by the late eccentric electronic music genius from Texas. In stock at Pogus.

Gamelan Pacifica Trance Gong (WN0016, CD) Contemporary works for Javanese gong/chime orchestra by John Cage, Jon Keliehor, Jeff Morris, and Jarrad Powell; with guest Warren Chang, erhu.

Tom Guralnick Broken Dances for Muted Pieces (WN0017, CD) Solo improvisations for saxophones and homemade reed instruments with live electronic processing. In stock at Pogus.

Radius: transmissions from broadcast artists #3 (WN0018, CD) Radio art from Canada, curated by Dan Lander. Works by Chantal Dumas, Kathy Kennedy, Dan Lander, Christof Migone. In stock at Pogus.

Radius: transmissions from broadcast artists #4 (WN0019, CD) Radio art from Canada, curated by Dan Lander. Works by Algojo)(Algojo, Darren Copeland, Robert Normandeau, Hildegard Westerkamp. In stock at Pogus.

Teiji Ito Meshes: Music for Films and Theater (WN0020, CD) First CD release by this under-recorded composer, featuring his soundtracks for films by Maya Deren (Meshes of the Afternoon, Ritual in Transfigured Time) and a large scale theater work by Christopher Hampton (Axis Mundi). In stock at Pogus.

Annea Lockwood: The Glass World (WN0021, CD) Reissue of classic 1970s LP (originally released on the Tangent label) using only sounds made with glass objects, lovingly remastered. Japanese re-issue coming soon.

Jeffrey Krieger AC/DC/VC (WN0022, CD) Works for solo electronic cello by Ronald Halier, Sarah Hopkins, Alvin Lucier, Kaija Saariaho, and N. Sean William. In stock at Pogus.

Nonsequitur projects released on other labels:

Steve Peters Emanations (OO Discs - oo34, CD) Pure feedback tones hovering on the threshold of audibility.

Desde el Otro Lado: electroacoustic music from Latin America (OO Discs - oo45, CD) Music by Sergio Claros, Ricardo Dal Farra, Oscar García, Alfredo del Mónaco, Nicolás Suarez Eyzaguirre, Alejandro José, Elsa Justel, E. Reck Miranda, Antonio Russek.

Sarah Cahill 9 Preludes (New Albion - NA114, CD) Solo piano works by Ruth Crawford & Johanna Beyer.